I'm Brian DeHart, AKA SO Lush, a music producer living in Seattle. I love making dance music that blends pop, house, and future bass with organic, lush sounds. Music that gets you dancing while while making you feel.

Throughout childhood I played violin, guitar, and a variety of instruments, but into adulthood I was ignoring my artistic side. I joined the corporate engineering world of Boeing straight after college, sleepwalking through life, doing what I was supposed to do. That’s when my longtime friend Julian joined me in Seattle and we formed an electronic duo called BEij. In 2019, I branched out and started my solo music project, SO Lush. Through 2020 I grew my catalogue, working with multiple singers and using my own voice. I started uploading YouTube videos showing my working process and adding lush visuals to my music. 


For 2021 I'm consistently releasing songs that feature a variety of independent singers while sharing the SO Lush story on Instagram and YouTube.


Thanks for joining the journey :)

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