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Organic Trap Drums
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175 MB and 334 individual high quality sounds, including

  • 45 trap and future bass kicks and snares

  • 127 high fidelity world instrument drum sounds

  • 85 unique shakers and hats

  • 38 creative effects, including risers and noise

  • 20 snaps and claps

  • 18 ad-libs

A collection of drums for future bass, trap, and pop with an organic, worldly twist


  • powerful, crushing future bass music with pounding, textured kicks

  • trap-infused pop with bursting, explosive snares

  • stylized dance music with crispy shakers and airy hats

  • tribal, hypnotic grooves with organic hand drums


and everything in between.

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480 MB and 760 individual high quality sounds, including

  • Instrument one shots (brass, strings, flutes, steel drums, marimbas, and other world instruments)

  • Percussion loops, fills and one shots that feature djembes, congas, and drum circles

  • Animal sounds (birds, tigers, elephants, etc.)

  • Effects (rain, water drops, natural risers, etc.)

SO LUSH - Liquid Roots Demo
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A sample pack for musicians who want world instruments and nature sounds in a tasty modern production

Add brass stabs in trap and pop to get a shiny mix. Use vintage and expensive violins and cellos to make interesting leads or build symphonies. Throw in infectious rhythm with drum circles and African drums. Layer tiger roars onto your bass for hardcore yet natural dubstep. Create soothing intros with a myriad of bird songs and trickling water. Get creative!